August 2010

Once I had the fronts and backs attached together, the work seemed to go easier. The collar is in two sections, each comprised of two pieces seamed together. The sections are stitched together and turned inside out, then the entire collar is stitched to the coat. It was quite possibly one of the easiest parts of this project. The cuffs are put together similarly; once finished, they are attached to the sleeves. In this picture, the cuff on the left has been slipped over the appropriate sleeve, and the two are stitched together at the wrist opening.

OOooh, I'm getting soooo excited! It seemed to take forever to baste the fashion fabric to the interlining, but once that was done, getting into the details was really fun! First, I sewed the two back pieces together, and pressed the seam open. I set that aside, and moved on to the front pieces, to which the pockets would be added before they could be attached to the back pieces.

From the right-side-out front piece, the pocket lining, unfolded, is attached.

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