November 2013

I wanted to write this post last year, but I chickened out.  I put it off while I thought about it. I planned on writing it this year.  And then as the time drew nearer, I kept thinking, no, I don't need to do this. I don't need to put this in writing, I don't need to share this, I don't need to make myself so vulnerable.  And yet, if I don't share it, then I am not being honest with myself, I am not helping myself, and I am not helping others that struggle with this. 

I have been searching for a good clam chowder recips for some time now.  There is nothing better than a hot bowl of flavorful clam chowder, thick and rich and still showcasing the delicate clam flavor.  Oddly, duplicating restaurant quality chowder has proven to be quite challenging!  I originally tried thickening the chowder with flour, which gave it a texture I was not thrilled with. And in spite of most recipes calling for canned clams, I just have not found a brand I can get locally that I like.

I've been with Crest-Care Chinese Crested rescue for over 5 years now, and have fostered, transported, and done placements for the foster dogs.  We network quite a bit to find and move dogs, and so I receive emails regularly from Crest-Care about dogs in shelters, and often will make arrangements to get the dogs out of the shelter, and transport them to foster homes.  There are very few Crested reps in California, and so I work very closely with the same two ladies for each of the dogs. Linus was a little different than previous transports.

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