I have the bodice fully lined (yay!), the skirt is lined and ready to go on (yay!) and yet I so do not feel like cartridge pleating right this minute, so I am going to screw around and post a blog instead.

The not-so-in-the-closet-geek comes out.  :-)   I like to sew.  But not normal things.  Not MUNDANE things.  I like sewing strange things like four-legged greyhound pajamas (for the last time, they have no FAT and thin HAIR!!!)  and garb.  No "get-up", as my sister refers to it, not costumes, but GARB.  Garb, for the uninitiated, is the fancy way for referring to one's "get-up." I think it might be the latin present-tense of the verb garber, which means "person with too much time on his/her hands."

My sister put her cat down yesterday.  He was a sweet, fluffy, manx named Ed.  Ed had been in perfect health until he ate some of the tainted food from the giant recall, before the recall.  Ironically, he normally ate a different brand of food, but my sister had run out, and grabbed a few cans of a national brand from the grocery store, and that's all it took. Her other cat is fine, only Ed became sick.

Somedays I wish I wasn't such a damn overachiever.  I worked a full day plus stayed an extra half an hour at my normal job, then I went to the store and picked up my mail and talked to my employees (well, threatened to fire everyone, but whatever..  ;) and then I came home and spent a few hours doing homework for school, and then I worked on a website for one non-profit, and the database on another. I am so freaking tired, and the to-do list just keeps getting longer... :sigh:

For those who don't know, I recently accepted a position at an established company not too far from the store.  AFTER I start working there, I discovered the place is extremely regimented.  In fact, I think they could teach the army how to be more militant about rules and punishments and all that.  My favorite rule is the no coffee rule.  There is a sign, above the door leading from the cafeteria into the holding cell / work area that reads "No coffee or beverage beyond this point."  No coffee? Is that for real?

I've been back at the gym, it feels amazing.  It's no joke that it is a great stress relief.  Moreso for me, though, is the feeling of accomplishment.  When I go to the gym, I already have a plan and goals for that workout in mind.  When I am there, that is what I do.  I spend zero time wishing I wasn't there, or thinking it's too much work; instead, I am completely focused on meeting my goals.  If I don't meet them, then at least I can say that I've put in the honest effort, and that I am that much closer to meeting them next time.  Yesterday, however, I exceeded my goals, and that is a po


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