Armenian Luleh Kabobs with Marash Salata

Armenian Luleh Kabobs with Marash Salata

I have been furiously working on websites for work, and two are in the final stages, which means the pressure is on and I am furiously trying to get them wrapped up. Which also means that I have been chained to my desk, and daily trips to the grocery store for fun are O-U-T out. I'm lucky now to make it twice a week, which is horrifying, to say the least.  When I do get to a store, I end up buying anything that is a good buy or readily usable, and also ingredients I can use in multiple dishes so I can stretch it further. Since I already had fresh parsley, goat cheese, red onion, and sour cream, I was thrilled to find fresh ground lamb at the store.  It took absolutely no thought to come up with the decision to make Armenian luleh kabobs, a happy kabob made with ground lamb and coriander. And, I could use the fresh produce and herbs on hand to add to the dishes. I also picked up shrimp, so I could make a yogurt tarragon shrimp recipe I recently found online. Since I wasn't going to have a real vegetable side, I turned my red leaf lettuce salad into a greek salad by adding red onion, kalamata olives, walnuts, and goat cheese. I thought it was going to be a fast dinner, but as usual, it wasn't. :SIGH:  Luckily, I have a flank steak in the sous vide that's been in for 24 hours, and so that will be one less step for tomorrow, when it will be done after 48 hours of cooking.

Luleh kabobs with ground lamb, onion, coriander, and fresh parley; shrimp baked in yogurt and tarragon, and marash salata, red tomtato salad with green onion, parsley, and olive oil and lemon juice.


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