Boeuf a la Borderlaise, Pot Pie Style

Boeuf a la Borderlaise, Pot Pie Style

This should be illegal. Or at least frowned upon. Not that it would stop me.  ; )   A few months ago, I made Julia Child's Daube de boeuf with a borderlaise sauce; beef braised in red wine and stock with carrots, leeks, bacon, and garlic, and finished with a red wine reduction, from scratch veal demi-glace, and butter; I didn't eat it all, and so I froze a few servings of it for future use.  Only I forget to go back to my freezer for leftovers, because I like making new things, and so the beef in borderlaise kept getting pushed around, but never taken out. My splurge on Wagyu beef, duck and wild boar changed my feelings about leftovers, and so I pulled one of the packets of beef out and let it thaw while I debated what to do with it to make it different. Eh, that's a blatant lie. I knew I was going to make a pot pie out of it. Because seriously, how fun is a fancy french dish turned into a homely pot pie? WITH HEARTS ON IT?!? Yeah, that's so win.

I reheated the beef in a saucepan, adding more red wine to bolster the flavors and sauciness a bit after having been frozen.  I also added peas, because I think pot pie isn't a pot pie without peas. And then I added a few frozen pearl onions that I had in the freezer, because I got overly excited about breaking into the freezer stash, I guess. I put the beef in a small souffle dish, brushed the edges with beaten egg, and topped it with puff pastry.  I was going to try a gluten free recipe, but I found 4 million variations on the internet, and I didn't have time to research and decide, and so I took the lazy way out. but I did cut a heart shaped vent to make up for the whole lazy puff pastry thing. ; )  Into the oven for 25 minutes or so, until the pastry browned, and it was done! While  it baked, I made a quick sous vide beet and goat cheese salad, my infamous heart beat salad. Get it? Heart? Beet? hahahahaha.... (Yes, EVERY bit as funny the bazillionth time around as the first time. ; )

While I was digging around in my freezer, I found sea scallops I'd saved from when I bought a larger package from the Asian market for a ridiculously reasonable price; I might have to pull those out and do something fun. Or my old tried and true red wine butter sauce, because it's just so magical. <3

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