There is something so comforting about breakfast for dinner.  Maybe because it signals a beginning to the day, which could be so full of potential. Or maybe because it's one meal most of us can make without screwing up.  Or maybe because it's the perfect meal to make when we should have gone grocery shopping that day but we didn't because we were ohthisclose to fixing a critical coding issue that would hold up a website deployment that suddenly seemed like the most important deployment EVER.  Whatever the reason, I love brinner.  Tonight, I rooted through my refrigerator, pulling out onion, green pepper, sausage, eggs, and anything else I could put into a deconstructed omelet. I was so excited about a fast dinner prep that I cleaned out my fridge while getting ready to make dinner, totally losing any time saving from a fast dinner, but at least I have a clean fridge!

For the deconstructed omelet, I pan fried bacon and link sausage, then drained the fat. While that was working away, I fried hash browns in another pan. (Why do I suddenly feel the urge to have my cholesterol checked??) In the same pan that I cooked the bacon, I sauteed onion and green pepper. Once the hash browns were browned and crispy, I put two eggs in the bacon pan, and cooked them over easy.  I warmed a serving plate in the oven (helps keep my food warm while I screw around taking pictures ; ), and then plated everything. Before I put the eggs on the omelet filling, I grated sharp cheddar cheese over it, for a little extra flavor.

(I can, for the record, make a perfect french omelet, but sadly, I don't care much for the texture, and I don't know why. I really prefer over easy when I have the option.)

And so, without further ado, I present: Brinner.

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