Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

I haven't dyed Easter Eggs since I was a kid. I don't know why, I like eating hardboiled eggs, and I love the brightly colored Easter eggs, they are so cheerful.  Last year, I picked up an egg dye kit, but didn't have time to make the eggs and color them, so this year, I saved the trip to the store to buy the dye tablets. ; ) I only made 8 eggs, since I can only eat so many hardboiled eggs. I made a pineapple upside down cake at the same time, so I let the eggs sit in the dye longer than I would have otherwise, and I'm glad I did - the eggs turned out really vibrantly colored!


It was hard to resist eating them plain, but I had plans for these eggs. The first four were destined to become Scotch eggs, a British pub food favorite. I peeled their brighly colored shells off, then enclosed the eggs in a wrapping made of pork sausage.  The covered eggs then get dipped in flour, then beaten egg, then panko to coat.  I baked these first, because I was too lazy to get out the fryer. Then I decided they weren't getting brown and crispy enough on the outside, so I poured oil in a pan and finished them off in that.   I served them with a mayo / mustard / sriracha dipping sauce, and a side of roasted broccoli. They are pretty damn tasty!  But very filling, I only managed to eat one whole egg.  The next day, I pulled them out of the refrigerator at lunch time, and tried one cold - I think I actually like them better cold than hot! What a fun snack food.  


The pineapple cake I was working on while I dyed the eggs turned out AMAZING. It was the best pineapple upside down cake recipe I have ever tried.  The secret is to add a bit of the pineapple juice to the cake batter; it makes the cake moist and flavorful.  I ate a piece Easter evening, then had a small piece for lunch on Monday, then another piece for dessert Monday night.  So that is how I ended up on Tuesday evening, making the rounds of the neighbors, delivering them packages of cake. I think I may have to halve the recipe next time. ; )  

Pineapple Upside Down Cake


The last four eggs are going to become egg salad, for which I have a viscious craving.  I picked up a cucumber, which I'll slice up, and serve the egg salad on the cucumber slices canape style.  Topped with a bit of aleppo pepper, and some fresh chopped parsley.  Oh, that just made my stomach growl! Come on, dinner time! ; )  

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