January Projects

January Projects

I thought having a project to-do list would help keep me focused, so I organized my projects, lined them out, picked the first one for the queue, and even got the patterns and fabric ready.  But then other things came up.

And now my list is mocking me.

During January, the only thing I worked on from my list was to add the double layer of ruffles to the silver skirt.  And to be fair, I only did that because I had left the to-be-ruffled strips on the back of a dining room chair, and Stewart apparently REALLY likes organza because every single day he pulled them down and left them strewn around the house.  I had no choice to but to narrow hem top and bottom of each, ruffle them, and sew them to the skirt. And now the skirt is back in the "project basket", which just as well might be the fires of Mordor for as often as I get back into it.

My first finished knitting project (thank you, YouTube!!!!)

But, the month wasn't a complete loss.  I did sew a pair of jammie pants from the leftover pink martini flannel from the laptop sleeve.  And I picked up knitting, yay! It turns out it's really, really fun. And a little addictive.  I didn't mean to start knitting, of course. But at Joanns, someone had misplaced a skein of yarn, and it was the most amazing shade of toffee with light and dark speckles, and I couldn't put it down. Or find another skein in the same color, oddly.  So I bought it, and came home and searched for a pattern for a project I could do with only one skein of yarn. I don't know why I would pick a hat, but it looked like it would be challenging enough to be fun, but not SO challenging that I wouldn't finish it. And once I started, it was like crack, I couldn't put it down. Well, like knitting crack, I guess.  It's not like I could sell this on the street and make money from it. ; )  I did my usually obsessive hyperfocus, and finished the hat in 3 days, working around school and a few greyhound events.

Kimberly in her new hat.

And then, I went back to my projects. Rather, I moved my stacks of upcoming projects around from here to there. And from there to here.  I bought a few more patterns, I bought a little more fabric. Oh yeah, and school started again. :sigh: My friend Kimberly texted, she needed a hat, stat. Back to Joann's I went, for more yarn.  The hats are so fast to make, maybe couple of evenings. I knitted it that weekend, and got it off in the mail right away.  I have more yarn to make more awesome hats, but sadly, I missed the one chilly day I could have worn a hat here in SoCal, so I haven't managed to start another one yet.  But, my friend Vicki from my band found out about my knitting interest, and bequeathed me with an box of knitting needles.  A box of them. It was like handing me a box of gold, considering how much money that box of needles will save me.  I found a pattern for a new project, and am looking forward to learning more knitting techniques!

I made three sets of greyhound jammies; all orders from December that ran over into January. Two went to a new adopter in Bakersfield; we made arrangements to meet at the FastFriends quarterly dog wash fundraiser. That was the first time I met their two boys, two wonderful, sweet senior boys who were returned to the group.  Their new parents are going to heaven for SURE for stepping up to give these two old kids a fantastic home for the golden years. <3

Kirby, 11 years old

Atlantis, 12 and a half. <3

Both boys are ridiculously sweet, and are so very lucky to have found such a wonderful home. Atlantis melted my heart, I think I am his number one fan.

I also finished one martingale collar, barely squeaking it into January. Pictures will come in February for that, when I finish the second collar that goes with it.

I did also find, scan, resize, print, and assemble the pattern pieces for the 1655 ter borch gown bodice; I have no idea what the final size is, so I definitely need to do a complete toile from it to see what adjustments are needed before I can actually start working with fashion fabric, but yay for progress on that front!

I am really, really missing the historical costuming.  I am expecting to finish the second collar in a day or so, and then I will have this weekend to focus on homework and sewing. The 1810 Regency gown short stays is first on the list. And the box of knitting needles is firmly hidden away so as to not distract me. If only I could say the same about school. But, only two classes left after this one, and only 2 weeks left in this one. And then the 18-week capstone project. I see light at the end of the tunnel!


Oh my gosh, the idea that there is someone else out there other than Diane awesome enough enough to adopt not one but TWO seniors actually brings tears to my eyes. So very cool. And adorable jammies!!
I know!!! When I realized that they had adopted them AND the boys were their first greyhounds, I got all teary eyed. I told them they were now guaranteed spots in heaven. <3

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