June Projects

June Projects

So, once again, I feel like I didn't get much done in June, mostly because I have more projects in my queue than I have actually finished projects! This spring and summer has been challenging for me both time-wise and focusability-wise; between a major website development project at work and the capstone to finish my master's, and I just haven't had a lot of whatever it takes to get more complicated projects done. So, I keep pulling out the patterns for the 1650 gown, the 1770 corset and gown, and I keep putting them away again.  Instead, I've been working on modern stuff, because it's easy and fast and doesn't require a huge amount of focus.

At the beginning of the month, I made the gold evening gown that I just managed to get blogged.

Then, because I work from home and I'm tired of wearing my 15 year old PowerHouse Gym sweat pants that were probably never in style, I made some cute pallazo pants that I didn't even bother taking pictures of. Just regular black knit fabric, wide legs, just below the knee. SUPER comfortable, and incredibly fast to make with a serger. Although in the future, I'll use 3" wide elastic for the waist, just because I like how that fits better than the narrower 1" elastic.

Then, because I didn't have a shirt I liked for band concerts, where we have to wear white shirts and black pants, I sewed a white sleeveless blouse that ties in the back. I really need pictures, and I'll take some, maybe this coming weekend when I have a little time. And I know this blog is somewhat useless without those pictures, but it's already the 9th of the month and I'm finally getting around to the blog, and I am DETERMINED to keep this monthly project blogging going until the end of the year! : )

Then, for fun, I made the blue polka dot dress. And finished it just in time to wear to my bff's engagement party. I am admittedly still a little uncomfortable wearing clothes I made myself in public, I am so sure someone will ask me if it's homemade because it looks like it is, lol! But I have been studying up on couture techniques (the opposite of home sewing!) and am incorporating seam finishes and other techniques that make the garments fit better, wear better, and they now look like something that would be purchased in a store, not sewn on my kitchen table.

And, I've made 1/2" progress on the sweater. That's right, 1/2". Sigh.  I  am working on the back piece, and last month, I started it and knitted the 3" ribbing for the bottom hem, but it's been slow progress since then. Mostly because with the start of the capstone, I haven't had as much free time, and by the time I make and eat dinner, it's after midnight, and I'm just too tired to knit. I have, admittedly, passed out on the couch more than once with my knitting in my lap. The good news is that my awesome new passing out habit has been good for Clementine; that girl LOVES the couch, and she will get up on it even if I'm on it, provided I'm not conscious.  I woke at 3am more than once with her smashed up against  me so she can sit on her beloved couch. <3

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