My sister put her cat down yesterday.  He was a sweet, fluffy, manx named Ed.  Ed had been in perfect health until he ate some of the tainted food from the giant recall, before the recall.  Ironically, he normally ate a different brand of food, but my sister had run out, and grabbed a few cans of a national brand from the grocery store, and that's all it took. Her other cat is fine, only Ed became sick. They fought and fought, and did so much to keep Ed alive and healthy, including shots, injecting fluid into him, on and on.  And by they, I mean not only the vet and the technicians, but my sister and her husband, who did much of the work at home.  Ed went to holistic vets, normal vets, and was boarded at his vet when his family went out of town.  Ed lived much, much longer than anyone anticipated, and the vets were amazed that a cat that had such a negative CBC panel could survive, yet survive Ed did, for months.  I think it must have been because he knew he was so loved, and that he was so needed.  It makes me really, really sad that my sister has to go through this, when Ed was so young and had such a full life ahead of him, but also because she fought so hard to protect Ed and get him healthier, and in the end, the toxins from the food just destroyed too much of his body.  It's just so damn unfair, when there are millions of people who don't care about their animals, and don't take care of them, and can't even be trouble to give them adequate food and water and love, and yet my sister has all the love in the world for this fluffy manx cat, and it still isn't enough. There should have been a little bit of Karma for her and Ed.

Hug your animals and hug your loved ones, and make the most of the time you have with them.

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