Martini chicken

Martini chicken

I love martinis, they are my favorite drink.  They are classy and sharp flavored and full of personality. And they are just fun, in their fancy glasses with the olive garnish. So when I saw a recipe for martini chicken, I was instantly on board. The recipe is incredibly simple.  I took it a step further in is convenience by  sous viding a previously vacuum packed chicken breast I had in the freezer. Which is a good thing because I got extra wrapped up in work and didn't set it aside until late.

The sauce is just butter, gin, and vermouth, cooked a few minutes for the alcohol to burn off. I added shallots and garlic to liven things up a bit. Then, a handful of olives are thrown in. I also added some of the olive juice, since my favorite martini is slightly dirty. ; )  I added the sous vide chicken, and let it warm while I waited for the gluten-free pasta to finish cooking. I'll admit, I was incredibly dubious about the final dish, but the smells were proving me wrong before I even plated. This recipe is, hands down, a keeper.  All of the alcohol burns off, but the flavor left behind is absolutely fantastic. The olive comes through, of course, but not in an overwhelming way. The gin fades to an aromatic juniper berry scent, adding a complexity not often seen in chicken dishes. If I liked chicken more, this would be in the weekly rotation. Maybe this will turn out to be the reason I start liking chicken! Eh, let's not get all crazy. ; )

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