The Padme Gown - The making of the hair forms

The Padme Gown - The making of the hair forms

Previously, I'd made the paper blank to test the size, then fumbled around until I had a shape that would fold to create the right effect.  I cut that shape out of carboard for the base of the forms.  Luckily, I had boxes on hand just for this purpose.

Cardboard blanks cut out and ready to go!

Backside of the cardboard forms. Recognize the box?

If you know me at all, you will know exactly what that box held before it became Star Wars hair forms!!! But if you don't know, this might help:

Hahahaha, don't tell ME I didn't get my money's worth out of that case of wine!!! ; )  (Yeah, it's kinda wrong how happy it makes me that I made my hair forms from a two buck chuck box.)

I picked up the hair forms I had started a few days ago, and suddenly realized I should try a hot glue gun instead of the craft glue. I first used it to add the felt to the second form, and it was perfect. I found a fat quarter I had on hand that was brown with a black vine pattern; it was perfect to cover the white felt, and would be so much less obvious if the hair on the form parted. since the hot glue was doing so well, I even planned the coverings to cover the edges, giving the form a much better finished look.

I picked up the hair I'd cut from the wig last night, and decided to try a new effort at getting it on the form. This time, I'd use a much smaller hank of hair, lay a line of hot glue on the inner edge of the form, and secure the hair at each turn on the inside. With smaller hanks of hair, more of the hair strands would be in contact with the glue, so it wouldn't clump in loose bunches. After a few turns, I found I could use the glue even on the outside edge, and if I was careful, it didn't show at all. THIS was the answer! I covered the entire form, and it turned out perfect for a base! I set it aside, and picked up my aborted effort from last night. One half was covered in clumpy hair, the other half white felt. I covered that with brown fabric, and decided to just move forward with the piece as best I could. I carefully wrapped the hair around the clumpy hair, using small hanks, glueing as I went, and going very carefully.

The left half is my original attempt with craft glue; the right half has been covered with the brown fabric, and the hair has been hot glue gunned on.

I covered over the clumpy hair with more hair, smoothing it as best I could as I went.  While the end result isn't as perfectly smooth as I would like, it did turn out completely passable! I hairsprayed the hairs down, folded the form in half, and sewed through the bottom inside corner to make it the right shape. Holy cow, the whole thing totally worked!!! I am going to have to find combs to attach to the back so that I can attach them to my head, I'll pick those up tomorrow or Tuesday, and will have to figure out how to attach those. I'd like to sew them in place, but all the glue has made getting a needle through the whole mess a, well, mess. ; )

Onto the second form!

Yay! They look just right!! : )

They didn't turn out as perfectly smooth as the movie pictures, but I can TOTALLY live with these. : )

Hair piece with the haircomb sewn on.

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