Padme Gown - The making of, Part 4

Padme Gown - The making of, Part 4

WOW I warned you this was going to be long!! : )

Day 8 - Monday

I had a TON of work on the capstone project to do, plus my regular paying job, so the only thing I did today was cut out circles of the grey crepe fabric to make buttons that would match the sleeves exactly. I made 12 buttons, and placated myself with my underachievingness with taking photoes of the process. Because people REALLY care how buttons are made. :o)

The making of the buttons.

Day 9 - Tuesday

I cut out the collar pieces. I didn't have a long enough run of velvet for a single piece, so I cut two, and planned on seaming them in the center back. That's when I realized I cut two LEFT SIDE COLLARS. :SIGH: I cut a right side piece, using the last bits of velvet I had. That was LUCKY. I serged the back seam, and sewed the velvet to the duck, right sides together. I decided not to screw with a lining for the collar, the duck will be just fine. I carefully pinned the collar to the vest at the neck, right sides together, and smoothed the duck that I should have basted to the velvet collar to keep it from wrinkling. Eh. lol....At the front edges of the vest, I ran the collar down to the top edge, and crossed my fingers that it would turn out right and look finished. I sewed the collar on from center back seam down the right side (where the edge of the collar / vest front will be hidden when worn), turned the collar and checked. Perfect! I repeated this on the left vest front. I pinned the front facings over the collar seam allowance, and planned on tacking down the collar seam allowance, but then decided to just serge that seam and call it good. (I have to keep reminding myself this is a COSTUME, not a historical garment!!) I serged the seam, adjusted the front facings, and tacked them down. The collar was perfect!! I can't believe it. I got the angle just right for the collar pieces, I am so proud of myself!

Day 10 - Wednesday

I tried the vest on over the corset for a final fit before adding hook and eye fasterners, and decided I just wasn't happy with how tight the fit was at center front at the waist. Everywhere else fit perfectly, but I knew this would be one of the details that drove me nuts. I debated letting side seams out, adding tiny panels in at the sides, and finally just decided to let out the 4 waist darts 1/4" each; that would give me the 1" or so breathing room (hahaha) I needed at the waist. Unfortunately, the velvet is smashed down where they were darted, but I'm hoping I can steam it back to shape so the dart lines won't be visible. In any case, I'm super pleased with the fit of the vest now! I marked the closure points while I was wearing the garment, so that I know where to add hooks and eyes. I also added an additional hook and eye marking at the crossing of the front panels at the neckline to keep it from gaping open a bit, and also to add a bit of support under the placard, just to make sure it all lies smoothly.

So now, the major garments are mostly finished, other than finish work. This is the punch list as of now:

1. Sew finished buttons onto cuffs of sleeves.
2. Sew binding onto last armhole of corset vest.
3. Sew sleeves into armholes of corset vest.
***this finishes both the sleeves and corset vest. YAY!!! ***

4. Hem bottom of velvet vest.
5. Sew in hook and eye fasteners.
***this finishes the velvet vest. YAY!!***

6. Add hook and eye to skirt.
7. Hem skirt and lining with narrow hem.
***this finishes the skirt. YAY!!***

8. Make hairpiece forms, wrap with fake hair.
9. make 3 jewelry blanks and 3 jewelry details for headpiece
10. Bake jewelry
11. Paint jewelry
12. Make headpiece chain from findings and beads.
***this will finish the headpiece***

13. Make armbands from heavy aluminum and jewelry wire.
14. Press detailed scrollwork into armbands, antique with black paint, glue beads on.
15. Fasten four armbands to two rows of Jewerly wire, covered in silver crepe to match shirt. This will keep armbands evenly space and give additional support.
16. May need to add a closure for the armband pieces to hold them on (elastic?)
***this will finish the armbands***

17. Trace beading and embroidery design onto placard.
18. bead placard
19. Embroider placard.
20. Sew lining onto placard to cover the back of the embroidery.
21. Sew placard onto velvet vest.
***this will finish the placard***

Oy, that's still a lot of work! I have 3 evenings left this week, two weekend days this weekend, and 3 evenings next week before the party. It's going to be close! But not close enough yet to start dropping the scope of work. ; )

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