Padme Gown - The making of, Part 5

Padme Gown - The making of, Part 5

Day 11 - Thursday

The days are now becoming a blur! Today I sewed the buttons on the cuffs, and also tacked down the cuff lining, and neatened up the cuff seam at the sleeve attachment. I got the binding sewn on the last armhole of the corset vest, so that garment is all done. I added bias tape to the raw edges of the gathered top edge of the sleeves, and sewed it in place; I now have the sleeves pinned into place in the corset vest, ready to sew in.

I added a strip of bias tape to the bottom of the velvet vest, and have it turned up and pinned in place, ready to hand tack.

I have added three hooks and eyes to the front of the velvet vest; I'll wait to do the rest until I can do one last try-on to make sure I have the hooks and eyes in the right places.

I have a lot to go, and a lot of other things to do tomorrow and this weekend, so I'm hopeful I'll finish in time. I'm trying not to get too anxious about this, I will get enough done for this to be recognizable (albeit by a die hard fan!) in time even if I don't get all of the work done as well as I'd want to get it done.

Day 12 - Friday

I tacked down the hem of the velvet vest, and added a piece of boning (more to go, of course!).

I started tackling the forms for the hair pieces. From the pictures, each hairpiece side is made of an angled piece of something, folded in half at the top, and gently curved down both sides. The bottom appears to be attached at the point closest to the ear, with the other side points flaring out to the sides. To start, I cut a single shape from a piece of paper just to see what the shape and size of half of a hairpiece should look like. Then, because I couldn't judge the angle at the top of the hairpiece to determine the full cutout shape, I cut two single shapes from lightweight cardboard to test options. By placing the top edges on top of each other and varying the rotation degree, I could get a sense of the final shape. When I was reasonably sure I was close, I glued the two pieces together, and when the glue dried, creased the join to see how the piece would look on my head. Other than having cut the piece an inch too short, I had the right shape! I used the glued piece as a template to cut blanks for the form. Luckily, I had a cardboard box to use for cardboard stock. ; )

Day 13 - Saturday

I tacked the sleeves into the corset vest, and marked the placement of the hooks and eyes into the velvet vest.

Sleeves tacked into the vest. I did it this way so that if I ever needed to use the corset vest for another costume, I just have to pull out the tacking stitches to remove the sleeves.

I spent half of the day working on the capstone project, and half of the day working on a website project, so I didn't get back to the costume until late evening. I started covering the cardboard hair forms with felt, and then did a trial run with attaching the hair. I combed out the wig, and cut the hair from the wig at the base. I left them in hanks of like lengths, and laid them out smoothly on the table, praying Jesse wouldn't discover them and think it was a wild animal. ; ) As I started to attach the hair to the first form, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to sew it on with any measure of success, so I tried tacky glue. It just made a mess, and the hair was loosely clumped on the form; I could see the white felt between the clumps, and dried glue everywhere. This was not going to work. :SIGH: I put that aside, and picked up the placard. If I don't get either the hair or the placard done this weekend, there is no hope for finishing the whole costume on time.

I traced the design on the placard, and start adding the embroidery. For the top portion, I decided to chain stitch gold thread, and sew it to the placard in the sunburst lines; but because in the picture it's not a sparkly gold, I decided to cover the thread with a layer of tulle to dim it a bit. It took maybe an hour to get all the bits of gold line sewn in; then I layed the tulle over the top, and decided it wasn't quite enough. A double layer of tulle was perfect! I laid it on top, and basted it on the sides. I didn't sew it down firmly, because I would add the turqoise beads over the top, and they would hold it down. As I strung the first row of beads, I realized that my beadwork was much neater than the original placard; I don't know if they worked the beads into another chain stitch, I'm guessing they did. I have 3 lines of turquise beading sewn in, I like how it looks, and I'm guessing no one will notice it's not identical to the origional. I'll wait until the morning to decide how to proceed.

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