Padme Gown - The making of, Part 6

Padme Gown - The making of, Part 6

Day 14 - Sunday

It was with GREAT relief that I finished the hair forms today, now I have a chance at finishing the costume in time.

The making of the hair forms.

In the evening, I worked on the placard a bit more. The grey embroidery is really embroidery thread that's been chain stitched with a crochet hook, and then sewn on.  The gold embroidery is also chain stitch. I sewed layers of tulle over it to dim the shine a bit.

Day 15 - Monday
Today I worked on the jewelry forms.

The making of the head jewelry.

Day 16 - Tuesday
I baked the jewelry forms, and noticed they weren't as stiff as I thought they would be; I decided to leave them as is, I didn't have time to keep messing with them, and I didn't want to burn them in the oven or make them brittle.

I finished adding all the hooks and eyes to the skirt and vest.  On the vest, I also added a few pieces of boning in the seam allowances, and tacked down a few seams that weren't laying flat. I didn't get a chance to tack them all down as I wanted to.

During my capstone bi-weekly online meeting, I tooled 5 more of the bracelets; the rest I finished that evening.

The making of the arm bands.

Day 17 - Wednesday
I worked on the placard some more, but I must have made something exciting for dinner because I didn't make as much progress as I'd hope to; the whole middle part of the placard is still empty. :SIGH:

Day 18 - D Day

I quickly added on the last bit of embroidery I was going to get on the placard, and hastily put the whole outfit together.  In the end, I just basted the placard to the vest, and didn't even add the lining to it. I will at some point pull it back off and finish it, just because  I think the whole costume part turned out so damn awesome.

Pictures of the final costume are in the Padme Packing Gown blog post.

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