Polymer Clay Fairy

Polymer Clay Fairy

I love working with clay, it's such a fun and forgiving medium, and the possibilities are endless. If  you have creativity. Which I don't always. :)  I ordered a handful of how-to books from Maureen Carlson, who is a polymer clay goddess. It is AMAZING how much detail and personality she puts into her figurines. I had always thought the polymer clays were for people who weren't serious about creating art, and Maureen has, through her work, set me straight.   This class fairy is from one of her books; she shows you the what the finished project should look like, and then she takes you step by step through making it. It was so incredible to watch the little figure come to life under my own hands!  

Sadly, this cute little fairy met her untimely end at the merciless curiousity of a dog visitor, who turned her into a version of clay hamburger.  But at least I have the pictures. :)

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