The day after Shae was chattering for her dinner, we woke up early, and I ushered the kids out to potty. I went back inside, leaving the front door open for the dogs to come back in, and I turned on the coffee pot and was waiting for it to brew. Interrupting the silence, I heard a long, solemn "rooooooo".  I could tell it was from Stewart. I went outside to check on him, and saw him standing on the patio, his head straight up in the air, and he rooooooed again. I looked up where he was looking, and there was a squirrel standing on the power lines above the yard.  Sydney Sue used to howl and bark at them every time she saw them, the other two never paid attention.  Even Stewart felt the need to give the little squirrel grief in Sydney Sue's absence.  It's so funny watching the two greyhounds pay homage to Sydney Sue.

I received a statement from CalPet that next Monday, her ashes were ready for pickup. I paid the bill, and they were delivered on that Wednesday. Everyone kept saying I would feel so much better when they were back, but that is so not true.  It made my heart hurt to see that stupid box, as if it would take the place of my beautiful girl.

It's now been two weeks to the day.  Jessie went to his new home on Sunday, and the silence in the house is deafening and strange.  It's so much easier only having two dogs; feeding takes only a second, and I can spoil the two a little more, slip them little snacks and bits of cheese and chewy bones without making a production out of it.  And then, just as we are beginning to enjoy our new routine, we get the email that Mr. Jessie won't be staying in his new home, since he can't seem to understand that the kitty is not for eating.



Mr. Jessie Says "No Cats!" ;)

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