So Tired...

So Tired...

Somedays I wish I wasn't such a damn overachiever.  I worked a full day plus stayed an extra half an hour at my normal job, then I went to the store and picked up my mail and talked to my employees (well, threatened to fire everyone, but whatever..  ;) and then I came home and spent a few hours doing homework for school, and then I worked on a website for one non-profit, and the database on another. I am so freaking tired, and the to-do list just keeps getting longer... :sigh:

In happier news, the fabric came in for the kirtle for the french noble gown I am making, and it is GORGEOUS.  I can't believe how beautiful it is.  I ordered it from the internet, blind, and was a little nervous about it.  And, even happier news, it was a special order, and was quoted to take 2-3 weeks to arrive - I got it in one!  Now I have to get serious about test driving my patterns, and I have to order the silk lining and the taffeta for the non-showing portions of the kirtle.  I am aiming to have the kirtle done by December, I have several projects for two very special little people ahead of the kirtle.

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