Sous Vide Chicken

Sous Vide Chicken

I've had a busy weekend! An engagement party (congratulations, Charity and Thomas!!!) on Friday in Orange County; a band concert on Saturday night in Newhall, and another band concert Sunday night in Acton as part of their concerts in the park series. All of it was super fun, but left me not so much time for cooking! I'd gone grocery shopping at the end of the week, and picked up a whole chicken breast from the butcher. I knew I wasn't going to eat all of it since eating any of it is a stretch for me (seriously, am I the only non-vegetarian who doesn't care for chicken?!?), so I separated the breast into two portions,  seasoned them with my proprietary chicken seasoning blend (if I come across my recipe again, I will post it!), and packaged them in separate vacuum bags. I put one bag in the fridge, and the other in the freezer for some other time.  When I came home tonight after the concert, I threw the bag from the refrigerator in the sous vide, which freed me up to do laundry. And play with the dogs. Well, mostly played with the dogs and moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer. ; ) And then I got sidetracked my fabric and patterns, and so it was late when I finally got around to finishing the rest of dinner.  Really, just reheating things I had pre-cooked when I had more time; a steamed artichoke, roasted poblano cream sauce, and leftover vegetables (not pre-cooked, just run of the mill leftovers. ; )  Super happy, considering I didn't have the usual amount of time to invest in cooking.

The chicken was in the sous vide at 148 degrees for 1-1/2 hours. Or maybe 2, I lost track of time. ; )  I didn't brown it, it was late and I was tired, and I was covering it with a sauce, anyhow. And once again, the sous vide proves itself to be the winner in how to prepare food. The chicken was phenomenal. Full of flavor, juicy, perfectly cooked through. And SO tender. It is making me reconsider my no-chicken-breast rule.

By the way, tv watching is slim pickins this late at night. The shows are mostly how to save time from menial tasks, like cooking. Over and over again, I hear the mantra, "save time! make meals faster!" Seriously, what IS everyone so busy doing that they can't cook or clean? I get that no one wants to be a slave in the kitchen (well, except me), but I think it's kind of sad that people are so far removed from normal life and it's all considered a horrible chore to be avoided.  Our homes and our food ARE a big part of our lives. I'm not yet old enough to say that I remember when life was much simpler, but dammit, the day I am old enough to say that, I'm going to shout it from the rooftops!


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