Sweet Success!

Sweet Success!

I left off as I was working on the black satin corset using the Truly Victorian pattern. It went together beautifully; I set the grommets and did a final test fit... and that's when I discovered it did not fit right at ALL, even after that original test fitting. The boning at the back was pulled so much at the waist that it was twisting the bone in the channel, making it dig into my lower back.  And the grommets were set a little too far back from the channel, and so they were pulling the fabric weirdly and causing bunching. sigh.  I remeasured myself, I looked at the pattern again, and I decided to make adjustments to all of the sizes.

I set the black satin corset aside, and I redrew patterns with the new sizes and changes. One of the changes I made was to add 5/8" to the top line of the bust so that it offered a little more coverage. I also increased the waist size, since the real measurement did not have enough coverage.  I cut out the lining (black cotton) and the fashion fabric (a really fun red / black taffeta that is a dream to work with!), and the next day I started sewing.  Since I'd already made the corset once before, it went together really quickly.  I did a test fit on the dummy before grommeting, and it looked like it was going to work. I remembered the issue with the previous corset grommets pulling the fabric oddly, so I cut extra panels of duck and inset them in between the fashion fabric and lining of the last panels; then I sewed it in with the boning channels.  I debated on not using boning at the back edges, but everyone consistently says to use them with grommets, so I inset 1/4" bones.  Then I set in the grommets.

I did a test fit, and I was scared to look... but it fit beautifully!! My ONLY two complaints are that the fashion fabrics wrinkles slightly with only the cotton as a lining; I think I will line the next one in duck canvas to see if it holds better. And the boning at the back edges sometimes lays funny - the pressure makes it pop away from my back in places.  I'm now debating on leaving it be, or ripping out the satin binding above one, and pulling out the bone to see what happens.  Worst case scenario is that I put it back in, if need be.  So yay, I am very excited to have the PERFECT corset pattern!!


that looks absolutely stunning!

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