Yay! I finished the 1861 Corset!

Yay! I finished the 1861 Corset!

This has been a forever ongoing project, I think I started it in November of 2008, made some progress that next February, and then had to order the busk and other supplies, and got side tracked with other projects. I finished sewing it when I was procrastinating on the Venetian gown, and then had to wait to order a higher quality grommet setter. I had been using cheap grommets from Joann's, but when they are set in a garment, they split all around the inner edges, which grabs the corset string and causes it to weaken and fray. I ordered industrial grommets, and then realized they are a different size than the others, so then I had to order a different grommet setter.  I finally found one at a tent supply place, and ordered it.  This afternoon I set the new grommets, and now the corset is finally done, yay!  It turned out perfectly, I am really pleased with it. And it is surprisingly comfortable!


No laughing at my cool shirt. I had just come home from faire, and took off my Venetian gown and corset and put my pajama pants and and old tshirt on. : ) Even though it is back lacing, it has a front busk closure, so I can lace it very loosely, put it on, fasten the busk, and then start tightening the laces. And, because the grommets are so smooth, it's not such a pain to pull it tight. Since the only corsets I have sewn have been 16th c corsets, I had a LOT of doubts about how this one would turn out. I used a pattern from one of the big 3 pattern companies, from their historical garment line, and I just did it in a basic light colored cotton to see how it would turn out.  I think I am going to make another one in a heavier black fabric with lace for a steampunk costume. Oooh, a black velvet brocade!!! And when I wear that one, I think I'll ditch the fancy tshirt and wear something else with it. : )

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