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I've been with Crest-Care Chinese Crested rescue for over 5 years now, and have fostered, transported, and done placements for the foster dogs.  We network quite a bit to find and move dogs, and so I receive emails regularly from Crest-Care about dogs in shelters, and often will make arrangements to get the dogs out of the shelter, and transport them to foster homes.  There are very few Crested reps in California, and so I work very closely with the same two ladies for each of the dogs. Linus was a little different than previous transports.

This is such a great recipe for a special dinner, or for entertaining.  The sauce is a bit sweet, and the port gives it such great depth, and the color is just gorgeous.  It is such a welcome change from boring everyday chicken!  The sauce is prepared while the chicken is roasted, so the total time to prepare is about an hour if using chicken pieces, longer if roasting a whole chicken, as the original recipe calls for. 

Everytime I think of the word 'mole' I envision the Austion Powers movie Goldmember where Austin is fascinated with Number 3's facial feature and can't help but yell "mole mole MOLE!!!!"  hahahahaha ;)  Anyhow, I dgress. This post is abot mole, the Mexican sauce made from dried pepper, dried fruits, and nuts.  It's complicated, I won't pretend otherwise. But it is SO worth the effort. And, it makes enough that you can freeze some for another time.  

I am so very sad over the untimely loss of one of my Army friends, who lost his life in a horrific car accident yesterday.

I've been watching movies more often lately, mostly thanks to my awesome little Roku device, which makes streaming movies from Amazon Prime and Netflix super convenient.  I'm finally getting to see movies that have been on my watchlist for ages.  Like The Hunger Games (LOVED it).  And The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo.  I tried to watch the original version in Swedish, with English subtitles, but my attention span is shockingly short, and I couldn't focus through the first 15 minutes, and realized that it was hopeless.


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