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I normally don't take shortcuts, but I picked up a used breadmachine for $5, and thought it would be fun to play with.  I'm not the biggest fan of the weirdly square shape of the loaf, but I haven't managed to pull the loaf out of the machine before the bake cycle to put it in a different pan and bake it in the oven. Because isn't the whole point of the bread machine the convenience?? ;)  

I turned 41 on Sunday.  Which isn't a big deal, I'm not afraid of aging or any of that, nor am I a huge birthday celebrator.  But I think the occassion warrants a little spoiling, usually in the form of a gluttonous meal.  And since I normally eat pretty gluttonous-y anyhow, that means usually heading toward the high carb end of the food spectrum. Or, in this case, pasta. ;)  So, I broke out the pasta machine.  I really wanted to make cheese tortellini, but that has a higher pasta to filling ratio, and I didn't want to go super overboard.  (Famous last words!)  So I opted instead to make raviolis. 

Crab legs were on sale at the store, and so I picked a package up, but then couldn't decide what to do with them.  I made crab cakes recently, so those were out.  Crab stuffed shrimp is fun, but not quite what I was in the mood for. I wanted to make something different with them, and also wanted an excuse to heat up the fryer.  Finally, I stumpled across a recipe for crab tater tots, which immediately made my mouth water.  The original recipe was made with pate a choux dough, however, and wasn't quite what I was looking for.

I love working with clay, it's such a fun and forgiving medium, and the possibilities are endless. If  you have creativity. Which I don't always. :)  I ordered a handful of how-to books from Maureen Carlson, who is a polymer clay goddess. It is AMAZING how much detail and personality she puts into her figurines. I had always thought the polymer clays were for people who weren't serious about creating art, and Maureen has, through her work, set me straight.

I love when friends post interesting food ideas to my facebook wall. It's almost always something I haven't come across before, or is something I just needed a bit of a push to finally try. In this case,  a recipe for zucchini ricotta fritters was posted.  I had seen other zucchini fritter recipes, some without flour, some in the same manner as a latke, but none with ricotta cheese.  I immediately wanted to try them. Luckily, I was on my way to the market that afternoon, and picked up the things I needed.


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