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I am so excited, I loooove it here! Considering I hadn't even seen it before moving, I'm so relieved that I love it so much! It's absolutely perfect - full of charm and it feels like a home even before my stuff is in. I love the hallway, all the closet space, and how it FEELS like a real house.  The hardwood floors, garage, and real driveway are a HUGE bonus.  The difference from my last two rentals to this one is astronomical! The living room, from just inside the front door. The window on the right faces the street.

All right, I know this is one of the controversial foods that people either love or HATE. I'm on the LOVE side. Part of the attraction to me is the ridiculousness of the entire concept. Candy shaped like corn, but doesn't taste like corn? How odd! I'm in! Of course the oddity lends itself well to humor about where candy corn comes from:

Okay, we all know I'm not a kid person. Not even remotely.  But lately, several of my friends have had babies, and that means baby showers.  Most people now do gift registries (thank you, from the gift-giving challenged for doing that!!!!)  But I like giving handmade things as gifts, I think it's just a little bit more special. Plus, it turns out knitted baby hats are an awesome way to use up leftover yarn from adult knitted hats. ; )  And, because they are small, they only take a few evenings to make, which appeals to my need to accomplish things.

I'm not really a big soup person, but this was another of the recipes in my new Gordon Ramsey cookbook. Since the other recipe involved roasted chestnuts, and I was going through the trouble of roasting and peeling them, I thought I may as well make enough for both recipes. It's a super easy soup; the vegetables are sauteed in butter until slightly browned, then stock is added, and the soup is simmered until the vegetables are tender.  Then it gets pureed (I used my fancy immersion blender that makes soup more fun to make) and finished off with heavy cream. That's it!

Last year, my boss approached me about relocating to the East Bay area. I laughed him off and told him I wasn't moving. I did think about it, but wasn't ready, for a million reasons. The most prevailing reason (which is very surprising, if you knew me from before) was the fear of change.  It wasn't so much that I was afraid to move to a new area so much as I was afraid to not be exactly where I was, which is a known quantity to me. I can deal with a lot if I know what to expect, and moving upends that.  So, I said  no, and he continued to ask me periodically.


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