My new home!

My new home!

I am so excited, I loooove it here! Considering I hadn't even seen it before moving, I'm so relieved that I love it so much! It's absolutely perfect - full of charm and it feels like a home even before my stuff is in. I love the hallway, all the closet space, and how it FEELS like a real house.  The hardwood floors, garage, and real driveway are a HUGE bonus.  The difference from my last two rentals to this one is astronomical! The living room, from just inside the front door. The window on the right faces the street.

Another living room, from the front door.

The living room, from the kitchen/ living room dividing wall:

The kitchen. The fridge goes where the pile of cardboard and bags is.

Another shot of the kitchen. I'll pull out this stove and replace it with my stove.

Kitchen. My table will fit in here, yay! Also, the back door to the back patio where the dogs go out.

Hallway off the living room. Bathroom on the left, storage closet next to the bathroom, and bedroom on the right.  A hallway!!! : )

Bathroom. yes, I brought a shower curtain and hooks, and no clean underwear. Go figure. ; )

The bedroom:

Another bedroom. It seems bigger than my last bedroom, but we'll see once I get furniture in it:

And it has a full sized giant closet WITH storage shelves, I am SOOO excited!!!

 Now I just need to get all my stuff moved in! ; )



Yay!!! It looks so nice, open, light and just beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of it all fixed up :)
The tile in the kitchen totally reminds me of the house I grew up in.
Looks really nice even without furniture, Big and bright. The kids seem to be happy. Looks like you have a lot more room then your old place. Stove in the kitchen seems small, nice you have your own. Much Happiness in your new home.
So frickin cute!!!!!
Very nice. Love the kitchen. I'm such a fan of the mid-century tile and style. I have a picture if me standing in front of a sink/counter that looks exactly like that. I was 16 years old at the time.
Ron Whitbeck
Very happy for you and the fuzzies, dear friend!! It is a nice looking house.
love it! now, can we pull some inspiration from the kitchen tile and unwhite a few walls? :)
I am so head over heels in love with all the mid-century features!!! And it is so much more open and brighter than the last place. It is such a wonderful home! I feel so very fortunate to get such a wonderful rental place. Dm, I am so grateful to not have wood paneling, carpet, and acoustic ceilings that painting walls here had not even occurred to me! I'll have to ask the owner, I would love an accent wall. : )
Welcome HOME, Shan! It looks fab.

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