Another Evening Gown - Vogue 8556

Another Evening Gown - Vogue 8556

I wanted to try another evening gown because I wanted to improve my fitting techniques. Evening gowns, because of their close fit, require a lot attention to detail, and multiple fittings to ensure things are going well.  I also like doing them because they are fast. : )   This one is Vogue pattern 8556. I really like working with Vogue because the patterns are usually well sized, and require minimal adjustments to make them fit well. And, the patterns are just very flattering. The fabric is a crepe back satin in royal blue, and the dress is fully lined. I didn't take any during-construction photos, mostly because it moved along very quickly, and also because I just didn't think about it. ; )

The dress features a crossover bodice with darts at the top and bottom for shaping; and a gathered midsection. The skirt is cut on the bias so that it hangs smoothly.  It's not hemmed in these pictures, and it needs to hang for several days to stretch and adjust before it can be permanently hemmed.

(I'm never going to be a photographer, I am fully aware of that.) Because the back has a neck strap, and a single back strap that is held in place by the neck strap, there is no wearing a regular bra with this dress. I suppose I could have gone with a strapless bra, but this dress is well built enough that I didn't think I needed it. Instead, I found some awesome bra cups that are used in high end dressmaking, and sewed those in between the lining and fabric. They worked perfectly. I think I'm going to order 4,000 more, because the bra accessories that Joann's carries are LAME. These are AWESOME.

A peek inside at the lining.

Overall, I'm happy with this pattern, and with the final product.  And I learned a lot about fitting, and adjusting, which is always part of the fun. The downside is that the dress is so perfectly fitted that if I gain even 5 lbs, I will NEVER get this zipper zipped up again. ; )


Hi! Dress looks great. Can you tell me where you found the bra cups? Also, how did you choose the size? Did you go by the recommended size according to your measurements, or did you go by the finished measurements that are printed on the pattern pieces? Thanks!
Hi, Diane - You can find bra cups on ebay, and also at Cleaner's Supply ( As far as sizing goes, I never use the recommended size. Instead, I figure out what the finished measurements are for the garments by looking on the pattern pieces themselves, and go from there. I find that the garments have way too much ease for my preference, so I nearly always go one size down from the recommended size. If you aren't sure, make a mock up out of cheap fabric or old sheets, so you can check the fit before you cut more expensive fashion fabric. :)

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