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I imported all my previous blogs from WordPress, and did quite a bit of customizing on the displays on this site, so I have to go back through the older blog entries and fix the pictures so everything looks consistent. I am sure this is going to take some time! But in the end, it's all so worth it, I love this new site and all of the new features. : ) 



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Stewart is no stranger to limping. He has, in his older years, been having issues with hyperkeratosis, where the pad material on his feet grows more than it should, and he gets corn-like growths on the sides of the pads.  He's a sensitive boy, and they bother him, making him limp if he's walking on a hard surface. I dremel them down as I can, use Dr. Scholl's corn remover on them, and it's all just part of life for us. 

I'm sure I've mentioned it, but my 4 and a half years in Tujunga was the longest I've lived in one place in my entire life. So you'd think I'd be pretty good at adapting to new surroundings. I am, for the most part, but other things escape me. Like remembering that my light switch is on the left side of the kitchen door. I still reach for the right side, ever single time.  And sometimes I still turn left in the hall, intending to go in the bedroom, and ending up instead in the bathroom.  But that is nothing compared to cooking in a new kitchen. I can't remember where ANYTHING is.

I drove up to the new house on San Leandro on Sunday, expecting to arrive a few hours before the moving truck to I could clean the kitchen and get ready to put my things away so I could get back to cooking.  After eating fast food and convenience foods for several days while my kitchen was packed up, I had had enough of eating non-primally. Only the move didn't go as smoothly as planned; the rented moving truck broke down, and spent nearly three days stranded in Bakersfield until a new truck could be found.

I am so excited, I loooove it here! Considering I hadn't even seen it before moving, I'm so relieved that I love it so much! It's absolutely perfect - full of charm and it feels like a home even before my stuff is in. I love the hallway, all the closet space, and how it FEELS like a real house.  The hardwood floors, garage, and real driveway are a HUGE bonus.  The difference from my last two rentals to this one is astronomical! The living room, from just inside the front door. The window on the right faces the street.

All right, I know this is one of the controversial foods that people either love or HATE. I'm on the LOVE side. Part of the attraction to me is the ridiculousness of the entire concept. Candy shaped like corn, but doesn't taste like corn? How odd! I'm in! Of course the oddity lends itself well to humor about where candy corn comes from:


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