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I feel like this warrants some explanation, like many of my more, uh, creative projects, but I'm not sure really how one explains a lion costume for a bald dog. The idea started with whimsical hats for humans, like hats that look like sock monkeys, hats that look like dead fish (so on my to-make-someday-list!) and hats that look like lions. I kept looking at the lion hat for humans, but I didn't care for the techniques used in it, or the colors of yarn available for it, and so I kept hesitating on ordering the yarn. While searching for human lion hat alternatives, I came across the pattern for a "King of the Beasts" knitted dog sweater with an attached mane and tail.  It was love at first sight. I ordered the yarn that day, and downloaded the pattern.

I am SO excited to have finished this, it's the longest project I have undertaken yet! Frankly, I thought I would give up before it was actually done, so I'm extra thrilled that I finished it! 

Knitted with Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Oct 9 2012 - Jan 25, 2013. Knitted in pieces - front, back, sleeves, hood. Front and back were attached using 3 needle bindoff at shoulder seams; other seams were sewn. Hoody was added on using pick up and knit; cuff of hood was also done using pick up and knit.

The pictures aren't a very high quality; I took them quickly while getting ready to go to work the morning I finished it. I was late to work, but I did wear the hoody. It was super warm! :)

Okay, we all know I'm not a kid person. Not even remotely.  But lately, several of my friends have had babies, and that means baby showers.  Most people now do gift registries (thank you, from the gift-giving challenged for doing that!!!!)  But I like giving handmade things as gifts, I think it's just a little bit more special. Plus, it turns out knitted baby hats are an awesome way to use up leftover yarn from adult knitted hats. ; )  And, because they are small, they only take a few evenings to make, which appeals to my need to accomplish things.

Knitted caps to donate to the Knots of Love organization.

Halfway through May, and I'm just now getting to my April Project blog!!  April was a busy month, and May was even crazier! I finished the 1810 Regency Stays and Chemise. Yay! And started the gown. Meanwhile, I had been working on a knitted sweater that I had started at the end of March.

(This appeared originally in the March Projects blog post. I pulled it out so the Monkey shows in the knitting project list.)

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