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Previously, I'd made the paper blank to test the size, then fumbled around until I had a shape that would fold to create the right effect.  I cut that shape out of carboard for the base of the forms.  Luckily, I had boxes on hand just for this purpose.

Day 11 - Thursday

The days are now becoming a blur! Today I sewed the buttons on the cuffs, and also tacked down the cuff lining, and neatened up the cuff seam at the sleeve attachment. I got the binding sewn on the last armhole of the corset vest, so that garment is all done. I added bias tape to the raw edges of the gathered top edge of the sleeves, and sewed it in place; I now have the sleeves pinned into place in the corset vest, ready to sew in.

WOW I warned you this was going to be long!! : )

Day 8 - Monday

I had a TON of work on the capstone project to do, plus my regular paying job, so the only thing I did today was cut out circles of the grey crepe fabric to make buttons that would match the sleeves exactly. I made 12 buttons, and placated myself with my underachievingness with taking photoes of the process. Because people REALLY care how buttons are made. :o)

The making of the buttons.

I made the buttons using the same fabric as the sleeves and cuffs, so they would match perfectly.


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